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Chico Novarro
Chico Novarro

In Puerto Rico, Mexico and all of Central America he is one of the most renowned and prolific Hispanic singer-songwriters of all times. Long before Luís Miguel chose his song “Cómo” (How?) to include it in his first album of boleros, other great singers had already turned to his works for repertoire. Among them are Tito Rodríguez, Olga Guillot, Daniel Rio lobos, José José, Eddie Gormé, Cheo Feliciano, Lisette Álvarez, and many more.

Throughout the 70’s and the 80’s there was no melodic singer that didn’t include a Chico Novarro song in their albums. He also made resounding hits such as "El Orangután" (The Orangutan), "Un Sombrero de Paja" (Straw Hat), "El camaleón" (The Camaleon), which tempted him to try his luck at television and then become a part of the celebrated “Club del Clan”. Meanwhile his romantic songs traveled around America: "El Ultimo Acto" (Last Act), "Nuestro Balance" (Our Balance), "Debut y Despedida" (Debut and Farewell), "Cómo" (How?), "Amnesia" (Amnesia), "Algo Contigo" (Something Together) are some of the of titles of his creations integrating the repertoires of important figures of Latin America and his own.

In the 70’s he entered de world of tango and together with Eladia Blázquez formed a duet that would receive nothing but praise, awards and the sincere recognition of the audience for three theater seasons; the recognition of two authors who are the present of the urban song. And thus were born tangos such as "Cordón" (Curb), "Cantata Buenos Aires", "Un Sábado Más" (Another Saturday), "El último Round" (Last Round), "Sueño  de cupé" (Coupé Dreams)  among others.  In the early 90’s his show “Arráncame la vida” (Tare my life away) is born. A musical he starred alongside Andrea Tenuta, marked a point in history for the night of Buenos Aires and was part of the still existent wave of performers revisiting the bolero. He would later present this show with Silvana Di Lorenzo as his partner, having the same success in America.

Chico Novarro has written around 600 songs, sound tracks, theater plays, television scripts and two books: “La vida de un tirón” (Life in a go), an autobiography, and “Con todas las letras”(In every sense of the word) in 2002. That same year he gives his first show in the ND Ateneo Theater, where his audience’s recognition is such the date is sold out. The show had to be repeated in November of the same year and the same happened once more. In 2003, he put up a series of shows at the ND Ateneo 5 Fridays in the month of April that were an absolute success. All dates were again sold out.

In 2004 he recorded and launched his album of boleros “La noche” (The Night) and makes a show at the Lola Membrives Theater. In April of 2005 “El fenómeno Chico” (The Chico Phenomenon) is premiered at the Gran Rex Theather, selling out the date with 3.300 seats. That November he recorded and launched his tango album “Quien dice Tango” (To say Tango) and is back at the Gran Rex for promotion, always repeating his success. In April, July, and August of 2006 he called upon the singer María Volonté for a new show: “Enamorándote” (Seducing you), written by Chico Novarro and Pablo Novak. This show had 22 dates at La Trastienda, all sold out. In April of 2007, he was at La Trastienda once more with new dates for the show at the audience’s request.

“Enamorándote” (Seducing you), adds more audience with a total of 36 sold out dates and Chico is back at the same venue that September with a new show:  “Un sábado más” (Another Saturday). In 2008 the audience again warmly welcomes the new show of this prolific creator who is at the ND Ateneo  all Fridays from April to mid June. Elven dates in a row, once again sold out, which he co-starred with Silvana Di Lorenzo in “Enamorándote otra vez” (Seducing You Once More), with whom re reunites 10 years after the unforgettable “Arráncame la vida” (Tear my life away)
A life full of recognition and success shows Chico Novarro is, in addition to his songwriting and his singing, a Giant of the stage in terms of his talent as a showman.