Juan Darthés
Juan Darthés

He is a successful singer and actor in Argentina as well as in Latin America and Europe.

He has performed on the most renowned stages of the world: over 180.000 attendants were present at his tour with “Il mondo di Patty” (Ugly Duckling) in Italy. Worthy of ovations in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Panamá, Urugay, Chile…

Leading Man of great musicals like “El beso de la mujer araña” (The Kiss of The Spiderwoman), “El diluvio que viene” (The Coming Flood), “Molly Brown”, “Nine”, “Arráncame la vida” (Tear My Life Away), “Un amor de novela” (Like in soaps)

Star of acclaimed tv shows like” Patito Feo” (Ugly Duckling), “Gasoleros” (Diesel), “Culpable de este amor” (Guilty of Love), “Se dice amor” (Call it Love), “Soy gitano” (Gypsy), among so many others.

At the moment he stars “Dulce Amor” (Sweet Love) alongside an excellent cast on the screen of Telefé. Owner of a unique charisma that captivates his audience he is a figure of Tango and presents his new album and show called “Canciones de amor y novelas” (love Songs and Stories), of romantic songs, boleros and ballads, with songs of great authors such as Paz Martinez, Chico Novarro, Armando Manzanero. “Esta tarde vi llover” (Today I Saw The Rain), “Y qué?” (So What?), “Yo soy aquel” (I’m The One), “Si me das a elegir” (If You Let Me Choose) , “Algo contigo” (Something Together),  “Carta de un león a otro” (Letter from a Lion to Another)... are only some of them.


  • Mía, mi amiga invisible (Mya, My Invisible Friend) (2010)
  • Patito Feo  (Ugly Duckling) (2007-2008)
  • Se dice amor (Call it Love)  (2005-2006)
  • Botines  ( Anckle Boots) (2005)
  • La Niñera  (The Nanny)  (2004)
  • Culpable de este amor  (Guilty of Love) (2004)
  • Soy Gitano (Gypsy)  (2003)
  • 099 Central (2002)
  • Ilusiones compartidas  (Shared Illusions) (2000)
  • Primicias  (Scoops)(2000)
  • Mamitas ( Mommys)(1999)
  • Gasoleros (Diesel)(1998)
  • Te quiero, te quiero(I love you, I love you) (1998)
  • Los herederos del poder (Heirs of Power) (1997)
  • Por siempre mujercitas (For ever Little Women)(1995)
  • Alta comedia (High Comedy) (1994 - 1995)
  • Marco, el candidato  (Marco, The Candidate) (1993)
  • La elegida ( The Chosen One)(1992)
  • Una voz en el teléfono ( A voice on the line)(1990-1991)
  • Pasiones FT Andres Brito ( Passions) (1988)
  • Sólo un hombre (Just a Man)(1985)


  • Soledades  (Solitudes) (1998)
  • A unos ojos  (To some eyes)(2000)
  • Así  (Like this) (2004)
  • Patito Feo (Ugly Duckling) (2007)
  • Patito Feo La Vida Es Una Fiesta (Ugly Duckling- Life is a Party) (2008)
  • Promesas de amor  (Love Promises) (2009)
  • Arráncame la Vida (Tear My life Away) ( 2010 )
  • "Canciones de amor y novelas" (Love songs and stories)( 2012 )